Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ms. Ryder's First Grade Class

Michelle and I were invited to speak at Willamette Primary by Ms. Ryder and her first grade class. She wanted us to speak to her class about bird watching and feeding. They have been learning about birds this whole year and have had a couple of field trips and even a visit from the Portland Audubon Society.

We have never considered ourselves teachers (we still have a lot to learn!) but we looked forward to the opportunity to talk about birds. We were greeted by Ms. Ryder and her class and we were so happy to see the excitement in their faces! They immediately started asking questions about birds and looking at the different bird feeders and food we brought for the presentation. We also noticed outside of their classroom about 8 different bird feeders hanging nearby. They also had quite a few bird nests, eggs, and other bird related items in their classroom! It was so fun to see all of these young minds so inquisitive about birding. We did 2 presentations (one for Ms. Ryder's class and one for Ms. Lana's class). We heard some great bird stories and were surprised by the level of knowledge these first graders displayed! These young boys and girls will be outbirding us in no time at all!

We had a wonderful time and we can't thank Ms. Ryder enough for inviting us! Thank you to all of the kids, in both classes, for such great questions and for making us feel so welcome! Keep up the good work!

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