Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been away for a while...

We apologize for not posting in the last few months. We will try to get a little better about posting regularly. Here are a few photos from the last few months with more to come soon. None of these are in particular order. Take care and good birding!

A Steller's Jay waiting for a handful of peanuts

A Song Sparrow taking a quick bath

A Bushtit getting ready to take off after grabbing
 some suet

Townsend's and Black-Throated Gray Warblers

3 Warblers bathing at one time! Orange-Crowned,
Black-Throated Gray and Townsend's!

Same 3 little guys

3 Black-Throated Gray Warblers at the same time!
This was a yard record for us. Normally, we
 only get one at a time.

This Orange-Crowned Warbler flew in through
 the garage, then through the kitchen and into the living
 room. He landed on a plant near the ceiling.
It took us a while to get him to fly back out.
This was 2 days after a
Steller's Jay did the same thing.

7 Band-Tailed Pigeons in our backyard. They
are frequent visitors to our yard.

This Band-Tailed Pigeon obviously thought he was a
House Finch. He kept trying, though.

A Wilson's Warbler on one of our hikes

A Hermit Warbler on the same hike

White-Crowned Sparrow on top of Saddle Mt

Evening Grosbeaks fighting over some seed. We think
 that is a House Sparrow in front of them

An Orange-Crowned Warbler in the yard
(not in the living room)

Evening Grosbeaks gathered for some dinner

A female Western Tanager grabbing some suet

Here she is again

We don't think the Evening Grosbeaks liked sharing,
 but no body seemed to want to speak up

A Band-Tailed Pigeon in flight

Evening Grosbeaks waiting for the bird bath

Another Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeaks on the right and a solitary
 Black-Headed Grosbeak to the far left

A female Evening Grosbeak

One of our resident Anna's Hummingbirds in our
 front yard

It really likes the maple tree in the front of the house

Another Anna's eating from the Fringecup

A beautiful male Robin

A Yellow-Rumped warbler pretending to be a

Yellow-Rumped Warbler grabbing some suet

Every spring we get Anna's Hummingbirds grabbing
bits of dryer lint for their nesting material

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