Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to Portland, OR Backyard Birds!

Hello! Welcome to the first post in our new blog! This blog is for people who want to share stoires and pictures of birds in their backyard or from one of their birding trips. There are a ton of blogs out there for birds and birding but we thought that we would add one more. If you have a story about your backyard birds or (even better) a photo, please share with us! We will be constantly updating this blog with pictures and stories about our backyard friends. Let us know things like: Where you live; what type of birds are you seeing in your backyard; any unusual sightings. We want this to be a place for birding enthusists to come together and share their love of wild birds.

So, let's get started! We live in the Gateway (NE) area of Portland and we have had quite a few different visitors this year. We have had over 50 species in our backyard! Here are a few pics to start with. This first picture is of a Cedar Waxwing in our Moutain Ash.

Whatever part of the world you are from, welcome to our neck of the woods. Please let us know that you stopped by!

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