Thursday, November 13, 2008

A yard update...

Just a few pics from the yard from the last couple of days. It's getting harder and harder to bird during the week. We leave when it's still dark and we get home just as the sun is going down. A few more weeks and it will be predominantly a weekend venture. I love the winter but I would love a little more daylight! We wish the best to everyone! Enjoy!

The Northern Flickers seem to be getting more aggressive as the fall/winter season comes along.

One of the many Golden-Crowned Sparrows that visit us everyday.

Siskins, Siskins and more Siskins. 150-200 at any given time now.

These Siskins were nice enough to share with the House Finch (actually, they chased him off right after I snapped this photo).

The Red-tailed Hawks are definitely becoming more active this fall. They are soaring over the house frequently. We have never had one in the yard (that we know of) but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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Beverly said...

Isn't that funny...we put out food for the birds; all birds, huh?

While it ticks me off when I find cats in my yard...I don't mind avian predators at all!

Perhaps because it's part of nature...and at least the flying predators EAT what they catch.

jan m said...

I have the similar experience of birdwatching, or not being able to this time of year. I have about a half an hour in the morning when I can see anything. I really look forward to the weekends, and Feederwatch for that reason.

Rambling Woods said...

I haven't had any siskins yet, but I do have to watch carefully..

NW Nature Nut said...

I've been thinkging the same thing. The only time I have to watch the birds is right before I go to work and on the weekends. Only another month or so and the days will get longer!

NW Nature Nut said...

PS> nice new header!