Monday, November 9, 2009

A few photos

Here are a few photos of some regular residents in our yard. Hope you enjoy them!

An Oregon Junco deciding which sunflower seed looks the best. We are getting about 20-25 juncos a day now. In winter, we usually have around a 100 or so in the yard at any given time.

One of the many Flickers we get in the yard.

We had 5 in the yard at the same time yesterday. Last winter, we had nine at once! Yes, we go through lots o' suet.

A Black-Capped Chickadee that was nice enough to pose for a couple of photos.

They usually don't hold still long enough for me to get the shot.

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Heather said...

5 Flickers at once? NINE Flickers at once? Holy cow!

Rhett Wilkins said...

Nice pics! I'm fairly new to Portland and a bit confused about the Juncos' movement patterns. I keep hearing that they are absent during the summer and return in winter. While they certainly disappeared from Tryon Creek State Park and Rose City Park this summer, they were still abundant on Mt. Tabor and at Kings and Elk Mountains. Are they simply moving to slightly higher elevations in summer? If so, the movement is ever so slight. I've noticed that they have returned, to some degree, to Tryon and Rose City, and I look forward to the heart of winter. It's hard to fathom 100 in one setting, and I hope to see such a sight!