Saturday, January 22, 2011


We just saw a Merlin in NE Portland! This is the first time that we have seen this bird in our part of town. What a great treat!

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Susan said...

Nice! And it even posed on top of the tree for you. I would love for it to drop by my place, too. :-)

Dave Irons said...

If you want to find Merlins in urban environments, scan the tops of the tallest trees (often Douglas firs around Portland). Merlins almost always perch at or near the highest point of a tree as they scan their surroundings for a meal. When they spot something, they launch from these high perches allowing them to attain incredible rates of speed. Like all raptors, they depend on the element of surprise. Merlins often pick out targets that are several blocks away from their hunting perches.

AJ Wheeler said...

I just saw one on my fence yesterday morning. In Tigard Or