Monday, April 4, 2011

A few backyard photos

We finally had a sunny (read: not rainy) day here in Portland! WooHoo! It has been so wet and yucky lately that we haven't been getting many photos. So yesterday we decided to get a few. Nothing spectacular but fun to look at anyway. We hope you enjoy!

A Steller's Jay coming in for some of their favorite food!

A Scrub-Jay testing each peanut to make sure it measures up to his standards. If it doesn't, he puts it back and keeps looking until he finds just the right one. Sometimes they even bring a peanut back and exchange it for a better one.

Aha! I think we have a winner!

A Robin contemplating a bath.

The bath is a "GO", I repeat the bath is a "GO"!

A female Red-Breasted Nuthatch looking as pretty as ever.

The same Nuthatch deciding to grab a bite to eat.

A Pine Siskin trying to figure out how to crack a black-oil sunflower shell with it's tiny beak.

A Junco having an afternoon snack.

Another Junco looking for that perfect sunflower seed.

A Fox Sparrow singing away yesterday. There are two of them and this is the latest we have ever had them in the yard. Usually, they are here during the dead of winter and then they skedaddle. But this year, they have been hanging around and seem to be in courtship. We are hoping to see some baby Fox Sparrows in the near future!

A Flicker trying to decide what to eat next.

A female Downy Woodpecker grabbing some suet!

A male Downy doing the same thing on the same feeder.

Could Bushtits be any cuter?

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PDX Nature Nut said...

Nice shots! I think Steller's Jays are beautiful. Stellar, actually.

Seth and Michelle said...

Thanks, Nature Nut! LOL, yes the Steller's are very stellar!