Tuesday, December 4, 2007

After the storm

Well, the storm is finally over. Portland didn't get it nearly as bad as our coast did but we still got a ton of rain. But, our little visitors are troopers! Our yard was just as busy (if not busier) as it usually is. We also had a new (and somewhat unwelcome) visitor to the yard yesterday. I was watching a flock of lessers, americans and siskins, when a very large Northern Harrier swooped in and tried to nab one of them. He was unsuccessful but decided not to leave. He landed on our back fence and watched the yard very closely for a couple of minutes. By the time I located the camera and got outside, he was off again. Within about fifteen minutes the yard was buzzing with activity again. We get cooper's, sharp-shinned and kestrels frequently but this was my first backyard sighting of the harrier.

I saw more towhees today than I have before. I guess all the mountain snow is driving them lower. They sure are fun birds to watch (aren't they all?!) The female was really going to town with her feet. She was kicking dirt almost 2 feet behind her! More pine siskins in the yard than ever before, too. I'd love to hear about what others are seeing in their yards this week. Thanks and have a great day!

The photo above is one I got of one of our resident male Anna's hummingbirds. He was born this year and has become a very tame little guy. We just keep on letting him think that this is his yard. At least, that's what he tells everyone else who comes in the yard.

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