Monday, January 7, 2008

Male Anna's Hummy

This little guy was either born in the yard or very close to it. He has been a yard resident for at least the last 9 months, if not more. Everyday. Rain or shine. He's the first bird in and the last bird out. He let's us know when the sugar water needs to be changed (believe me, he does). When he was first born, he would fly off if we went into the backyard. Now, he will come and visit us on the porch not but 2 or 3 feet from us. He sits there while we talk to him and gives us very close fly-bys. He protect "his" yard with a vengeance sometimes and other times he is very willing to let every bird in the world in. He has brought us much joy over the year and we never tire of seeing him. Then, about 4 days ago, no Mr. Hummy. No "singing" from his usual perches. No close buzzing to say "hi". Nothing.

The first day we thought "oh, he's off chasing girls or exploring the neighborhood for a nesting site. 2nd day, we started to blame the resident female Anna's for chasing him off (because she's getting ready to nest). By the 3rd day of his absence, we were convinced that a local cat had gotten to him. Or maybe the wind storm had slammed him into a hard structure. By the 4th day, we were already mourning his death (and still blaming the female).

Then, yesterday, WOOOOOHOOOOOO. He was BACK. Michelle saw him in the morning but I missed him. She shouted "MR. HUMMY"!! (Original name, I know. Non the less, that's his name) but by the time I made it to the window, he was gone. Then, around 3pm yesterday, I saw him at his usual feeder (we have 5). I can't tell you how excited and relieved I was. It never ceases to amaze me how much we have grown to care, not only for birds in general, but for our resident birds. We truly love them. They are a part of the family. I'm sure I sound like some raving lunatic but, I assure you, I am not. I'm just a birder.

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1 comment:

Sandy said...

Beautiful hummingbird shot.

I have some back in my archives like way back. can't remember the months.