Thursday, January 24, 2008

So far this year

This is a list of the birds that we have seen so far this year:

1) Am. Crow
2) Am. Goldfinch
3) Am. Robin
4) Anna's Hummingbird
5) Bewick's Wren
6) Black-Capped Chickadee
7) Bushtit
8) Canada Goose
9) Cedar Waxwing
10) Chestnut-Backed Chickadee
11) Common Raven
12) Cooper's hawk
13) Dark-Eyed Junco
14) Downy Woodpecker
15) Euopean Starling
16) Fox Sparrow
17) Golden-Crowned Kinglet
18) Golden-Crowned Sparrow
19) House Finch
20) House Sparrow
21) Lesser Goldfinch
22) Merlin
23) Northern Flicker
24) Pine Siskin
25) Purple finch
26) Red-Breasted Nuthatch
27) Red-tailed Hawk
28) Rock Pigeon
29) Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
30) Sharp-Shinned Hawk
31) Song Sparrow
32) Spotted Towhee
33) Steller's Jay
34) Townsend's Warbler
35) Varied Thrush
36) Western Scrub-Jay
37) White-Crowned Sparrow
38) Yellow-Rumper Warbler

I feel like I'm thanking people at the Academy Awards and I am so afraid that I'm leaving someone out...hopefully not. Not too bad for a beginning of the year backyard list and we have a couple of bird walks planned so I'm sure we will be adding a lot more! This is, by far, the most exciting hobby in the WORLD! I swear. Every day brings hope and promise. Every season bring wonder and awe. Every flit out of the corner of the eye, every crunch in the bush, every unidentified chirp might just be a new species! How awesome is that???? Pretty dang cool, if you ask me.

The Budgerigar, pictured above, flew into our yard last May and hung around for a while. We saw him a few times after that and then, unfortunately, never again. I think we can safely assume that we will not be adding him to our list this year. We searched high and low for an owner, newspaper, Internet, shelters...never found a report of a missing pet. So, here in Seth and Michelle's Birding World, we can only deduce that he must be a stray from a wild flock of Budgies! It could happen.

Good birding to all!

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Birdnerd said...

Wow, you two are beating me and Michele combined! Great start to the year!

Sandy said...

Wow the budgie flew in your yard?

I know what you mean, I love, love watching and photographing the birds. I've turned everything in my yard into a feeder, haha. Old hanging pots, my bridge,'s so fun. We have a feed supply place about 10 miles away where we go and buy 25 pound or 50 pound sacks of wild bird, oil sunflower, cracked corn, and finch food, nyger. We make the trip there about once a month. That's how much seed i put out.