Friday, April 18, 2008

Marine Drive walk

I went for a walk yesterday from 148th and NE Marine Drive down to 122nd, then from122nd to Glisan and then home. It was a great walk and I saw about 30 species. I did add one new bird to the Yearly list - a Common Loon! Here are some photos from the walk.

Also, on Wednesday night, Michelle and I saw 3 Killdeer just off of 106th and NE Halsey, in a parking lot of a restaurant. We didn't have the camera with us so I'm going to try to get some photos of them this weekend.

Here's the photos. Enjoy.

Song Sparrow

A Savannah Sparrow. They were all over Marine Drive!

Another Savannah

A Robin enjoying a nice, refreshing bath.

He was really going to town!

A Lesser Goldfinch. Michelle took this photo and I really like how the light is reflecting off the water. It reminds me of a dream sequence in a movie.

A Mallard skimming the water

A Brewer's Blackbird building her nest.

Here's the Common Loon. He kept diving for fish and he would stay under water for such a long time. One time he stayed under so long that I was actually worried for his safety. Geez!

One of our regular Chestnut-Backed Chickadees.

Here's a lone Bushtit. Once, in early winter we had a flock of about 75 Bushtits in the yard. Now, we are lucky to see 4 together. At least they are still coming in, though.

A Bewick's Wren singing away!

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