Monday, April 7, 2008

New Birds!

This Saturday, after Michelle dropped me off at work, she decided to stop by 148th and Marine Drive to see if she could find the Osprey that we had heard about. Well, she not only found the Osprey but she found all 3 of them! She was watching one in the nest and then the other 2 came flying in and she got some great photos!

So yesterday (Sunday) we took a drive out there again, before I had to go to work. There was indeed, one Osprey in the nest. We found the other 2 out fishing on the river. We also saw a Caspian Tern on the drive! Here are those photos and then some of a little wetland area in Tualatin that we stopped at where we saw (for the first time ever) 4 Short-Billed Dowitchers!! We were so excited!

We also saw, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Song and House Sparrows, Violet-Green and Tree Swallows, Am. Kestrels and a Red-Tail Hawk, Greater and Lesser Scaups, Green-Winged Teals, Brewer's Blackbirds, Cowbirds, Great Blue Herons, Gulls a'plenty and a few unidentified birds. I'm sure that I am forgetting some birdies. I think I will make a "Unidentified Birds" post here in the near future.

Anyway, here are the pictures. We hope you enjoy them and we hope to hear from you and Good Birding!!

Caspian Tern
Short-Billed Dowitchers

More Dowitchers...
Red-Tail Hawk looking for some lunch
Here is the Osprey nest on 148th and NE Marine Drive
Protecting the nest...

Such fluffy little heads they have

Michelle got a great shot of one of them landing nearby

2 of the 3 that are taking care of the nest
Here's one of them just landing
Here is one of the other Osprey hauling a pretty good sized fish out of the river.
Here is a pic of a Great-Horned Owl!! They are all over Marine drive!! Well, they look real at a distance

Here is a House Sparrow that seems to think that she is a Flicker. We haven't ever seen the Sparrows do this before

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Sandy said...

How cool is got a photo the one in the nest.


Di said...

Nice shots. I stumbled across your blog and enjoy looking to see what you find next.

Just south on Marine Dr by Interlachen Lane, there is a dead looking tree on the North side of the street. We have seen two Bald Eagles there two times now. Of course everytime I see them, I don't have the camera.


A Portland Backyard said...

Wow! Very cool! We have only seen one Bald Eagle this year and that
was an immature male at Oaks Bottom. We will have to keep a lookout for
the ones you have seen. I know which tree you are talking about. That
always seems to be the case, see a bird with no camera!

Thanks for stopping by,

Seth Reams

Max said...

It's great to see another western Oregon bird blog! I can't believe the osprey are already nesting.