Friday, September 12, 2008

A little bit of everything...

Here are some pictures from the last week and they aren't in any particular order. But, we have been to Smith and Bybee Lakes, Salish Ponds and, of course, our own backyard so the pictures are staring to stack up! We hope you enjoy these and thank you for stopping by!

A juvenile White-Crowned Sparrow from a couple of days ago. He was only in the yard for about 5 minutes but it was still great to see them again!

A Turkey Vulture out at Smith/Bybee Lakes.

A juvenile male Rufous Hummingbird. We have at least 2 juve Anna males and 2 Rufous males!

One of the female Rufous

Here's the other male Rufous

The Hummingbirds really like the bird bath! They drink from it frequently.

Another shot of the male Rufous

Starlings flying to roost for the night out at Salish Ponds.

The next 2 photos are pretty much the same but the one above I focused on the Song Sparrow and the Lesser Goldfinch in the background, and in the one below, I focused on the Anna's Hummingbird in the foreground.

A few ducks enjoying Salish Ponds at sunset

A Red-Tail Hawk soaring over us at Smith/Bybee

One of our regular Red-Breasted Nuthatches. He really enjoys drinking from the hanging bird bath. None of the Nuthatches will drink from the ground waterers. Just this hanging one.

A Nuthatch enjoying some home-made suet

One of the juvenile Male Anna's we have. He is very distinguishable from the others as his red head pattern is starting to come in and it makes it look like the red is running from his right eye.

Another of the Male Anna's

This little guy is furthest along. He has almost all of his red.

Such awesome little birds!

A Scrub-Jay and a Cedar Waxwing together catching the sunset at Salish Ponds.

A Scrub-Jay eating a peanut in the yard

If you look close, you can actually see the bulge in the Jay's throat. It's the whole peanut he just swallowed.

We have seen the normal, red House Finches and we have seen the Orange-Variant House Finches but this little guy seems to be a bit of both. Is this normal coloration?

A Great Blue Heron drying himself off near the Smith/Bybee canoe launch

The Black-headed Grosbeaks are still hanging around!

Some type of frog at Smith/Bybee. There must have been a million frog there. Now we know why the Herons like it there so much!

The Northern Flickers will only visit the bird bath if the drip line is taken off.

A Northern Flicker checking out the neighborhood in the back woods of Salish Ponds.

One of the many Flickers we get in the yard. This one's tail feathers almost seem blue in color. They are such gorgeous birds.

One of the female Anna's just taking a rest.

Lots of Egrets and a Blue Heron. Notice the Egret has a fish in it's bill and, maybe it's the lighting, but the Blue Heron's bill looks black. Maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me?

A Cedar Waxwing at Smith/Bybee. Such beautiful colors!

A female Bushtit. I was amazed that there was only one Bushtit in the photo!

A Blue Heron at Salish Ponds

Whenever the Herons are around, I can't stop taking photos of them. I'm addicted to Herons!!

This is what happens when a Black-Capped Chickadee gets wet

Two Lesser Goldfinches sitting and chatting on the drip line (the line that the Flicker doesn't like).

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