Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pine Siskins are back!!

We were so excited last night to see a small flock of Pine Siskins fly into the yard. We have missed them in their absence. There were about 15-20 Siskins in the yard and they stayed for quite a while. I hope they are here for the winter! Last year, we didn't see any Pine Siskins until Dec 1st. It's great to have them visiting again.

Other than the Siskins, we have also noticed the Cedar Waxwings hanging around again, White-Crowned Sparrows are daily visitors and we even had a Black-Crowned Night Heron fly over the house 2 nights ago!

So, here are some pics from the yard this week and we are keeping an Eagle-eye out for new visitors ('tis the season). Good birding.

The first Pine Siskins that we have seen in months! They have quite a bit of yellow on them this fall.

They were always one of our favorite, and most numerous, visitors.

They didn't hesitate about going to the birdbath. They weren't in the yard more than 1 or 2 minutes and they swarmed the water.

The Downy Woodpecker is also a daily visitor now. He prefers this suet log more than any of the other feeders (obviously, I have not been putting enough suet in it).

A female Bushtit holding very still for the camera.

After making a "pishing" noise, she came out to see what all the fuss was about.

A large flock of Cedar Waxwings over the house.

Our newest resident Male Anna's Hummingbird. He seems to have claimed the yard.

His life is much easier since the Rufous Hummingbird has departed.

I like the little lightning stripe down the side of his head.

This is (I'm assuming) a House Finch. He just has the oddest tail I have ever seen on one. He seems to have the tail from 2 different birds. Weird.

A Lesser Goldfinch bathing while 2 Pine Siskins look on.

The Lessers will only drink this way now. The will use the water to bathe but, if they want a drink, they fly up to the drip line and drink.

The are always fun to watch.

A Scrub-Jay begging for peanuts.

A Scrub-Jay not begging for peanuts.

I just liked the odd look of this American Goldfinch. His plumage change is really striking.
The photo doesn't show it too well but, his head is almost white, while his body is still winter Goldfinch yellow.

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NW Nature Nut said...

I just started seeing Pine Siskins last week too. There are a few hanging out with the *million* goldfinches that are coming. If I didn't know better, I'd think all the goldfinches in WA county were in my backyard! You should join us in the Great Bird Count of October. Come over to my blog and read about it and let me know if I should add you to the list!

jan m said...

I'm envious. I've only ever seen one pine siskin in my yard. It came with a flock of house finches, and if I hadn't glimpsed the yellow, it would have escaped me.

troutbirder said...

Enjoyed looking over you blog pictures. Saw many birds that are very different from the ones we have here in Minnesota.

Janie Ellington said...

I've told you before that I am jealous that you have all these beautiful birds. The photographs are to die for!

The little siskins look like sparrows a bit, don't they?

I absolutely love wild birds and wish I lived where there were more.

I try to do my part here in the desert in Texas to increase appreciation and make people aware of the things they do that can be harmful.

Keep it up and enjoy!
Janie Ellington

Kingsdowner said...

Marvellous photos - especially impressed by the flock of Waxwings!

Beverly said...

Nice! My yard is still going through a dry spell. I started birding last February...and I've never seen it so quiet.

Today I spent some time looking back to Feb, March, April (which would be the end of the upcoming Count (!!!) just to remind myself I DO get birds here! LOL

While looking at old photos, I'm wondering if I'll be able to ID more birds this winter; I see some in the pics I never 'got'. Yanno?

Great site! Thanks for sharing.