Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A few photos from Sauvie

We took a trip to Sauvie Island (over a week ago) to search for the White Pelicans that were being reported. We didn't see them in the large numbers but we did find one (Life Bird)! Even from hundreds of yards away, we could see him without the binoculars! Through the binoculars he was absolutely stunning!

Anyway, along with the usual suspects on the island, we also saw HUGE flocks of Cedar Waxwings (a lot of juveniles) and White-Breasted Nuthacthes (which was also a Life Bird for us).
So here are a few pics and we are still searching the yard everyday for new visitors!

That white spot in the middle in the American White Pelican! He was swimming around and fishing for at least an hour.

A (grainy) photo of the White-Breasted Nuthatch! We were beside ourselves when we found him!

This was just odd. It seemed that a salmon had become stuck in the shallow waters. The gull next to him was either there to keep him company or he was there for some lunch.

This Golden-Crowned Sparrow was not very impressed that I was so close to him.
One of the hundreds of juvenile Cedar Waxwings on the island.

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NW Nature Nut said...

Those white-breasted nuthatches are such a treat to see. ONE time there was one in my yard...maybe he will come back for the GBC of October!? I see you are up to 21 birds! Yowza, I better start scanning neighboring trees!