Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great October Bird Count!!

Well, only 9 days left in the GOBC! We are still hearing (but not seeing) the Towhee and the Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. Last night we added the Purple Finch (finally) and we continue to scour the yard and the skies daily for new visitors.

Here are just a few photos from the last week or so. Good luck to everyone and good birding!

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the FeederWatcher program starting November 8th!!

Michelle spotted this Northern Flicker just checking out the neighborhood

taking it easy on our neighbor's chimney

The Pine Siskin numbers are still growing. We have up to 200 in the yard when they are in full force.

They seem to think that they are dirty birds because they bathe constantly and furiously!

When a group of them bathes, they can almost empty the bird bath of water!

The Junco numbers are climbing, too. We now have around 15 or so.

They are such great backyard friends!

I have a few photos of this Junco and it seems that he only has one leg. Poor little guy. He gets around just fine, though.

The Red-Tail Hawks seem to be a more frequent neighborhood visitor lately.

This little squirrel was going to TOWN on this pear! He just sat there, rolling it around, happy as a clam to have it all to himself.

The Yellow-Rumped Warbler hiding in the Mountain Ash tree. He makes daily visits now and soon the other Warblers should follow!

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Kingsdowner said...

Congratulations on number 31 - great shot of the hawk too!

Sandy said...

wait a minute....what kind of squirrel bird is that? ha. Nice pics and it doesn't seem like a year ago you were doing this.

Rambling Woods said...

Wow...31...I thought I was lucky to have a GH heron flyover today, but that only takes me to 21..I think I will keep a list of my November birds too....

April said...

Wonderful series of pictures! I love the birdbath ones and the squirrel eating the pear. I feel sorry for that little Junco - hopefully he'll be okay. I have 10 species on my list now.

me ann my camera said...

All wonderful photos with the intimacy of backyard surroundings. I especially love the Norther Flicker photo.