Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sharp-Shinned showing off

After a particularly nasty rain storm a couple of days ago, we started seeing a lot of the Sharp-Shinned Hawk again. She probably came through the yard at least 8 times that day. But, while she was here, she was showing off like we have never seen.

We assume that she was trying to dry out a little, but as soon as she landed, she had her wing and tail feathers spread completely out. It was great to see and fun to photograph. Enjoy!

Here she sits in one of our apple trees, right above a very busy feeder.

It wasn't so busy after her arrival.

Then, she flew up into the walnut tree and spread all of her feathers out.

She continued to scan the yard, but seemed more content just to sit and sun herself a little.

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dAwN said...

Wow exciting...guess the birdies didnt want to go to the feeder below the hawk...
too scary...

jan m said...

What great photos of that tail!

Mary said...

Oh, my...great shots!