Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birds from the yard and around town...

It's been another busy week in the yard. We have been going through a ton of seed and suet lately (more so than usual). The Juncos, Siskins, Towhee and Varied Thrush are still hanging around, which is pretty late for this yard. Normally they are gone by now, but we will relish their continued presence! The Townsend's and Yellow-Rumped Warblers are still hanging around in good numbers, too.

No new spring visitors yet. We are keeping an even more watchful eye out though, as we are certain that we have heard a much-too-early Black-Headed Grosbeak singing lately. I have tried in vain to find him a few times, but alas, nada.

We have been seeing the Red-Tailed Hawk again over the house. She has been flying right over our home and very low. We assume it's a female because she is so large. From a distance she looks she has the wingspan of an Osprey. She's huge!

I found this Ruby-Crowned Kinglet in a small tree just singing away. I have never heard one singing so loud or so much. It was great fun to listen to.

A Townsend's Warbler and a Bushtit sharing a bit of suet.

Another Bushtit. This one is a male (females have light colored eyes).

At a local pond the other day, I found a Great Blue Heron fishing along the shore line. What a sight to see! He had to jab the water a few times before he was successful, though.

All the way down! Maybe going for a frog?

I combed over this photo to try and tell what he had caught, but no luck. He shook the ever loving crud out of it, though.

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1 comment:

madcobug said...

Great pictures. Whatever that Heron caught is weird looking. I thought at first it might be a crayfish but it sure looks odd unless he slung some parts off of it while shaking it. Helen