Friday, March 6, 2009

What birds are these?

We have a ton of other photos that we will post tomorrow of birds that we have identified.

But, we need your help with these IDs. Here are the strange photos from today.

Leucistic Canada Goose? This goose was in a flock of 50+ Canada Goose. Traffic wouldn't allow us to stop in the middle of the road for too long!! Darn non birders.

What kind of Sparrow is this?

Hybrid Wigeon?

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linda said...

hey seth, hey michelle,

i saw that goose yesterday too! were you near the milikan way max station?

have also seen what i assume to be a hybrid female mallard with a brown head, brown bill, cream neck ring and less mottled body.

my point and shoot is too wimpy to get a good shot.

Seth and Michelle said...

That is exactly where we were! Just driving around between commonWealth Park and Tualatin Hills Nature Park. We will keep our eyes out for the hybrid Mallard!!

Anonymous said...

My take: Your goose is likely a hybrid Canada x snow goose cross and not a leucistic bird.

The sparrow is definitely a Lincoln's sparrow.

The wigeon is also a hybrid American x Eurasian cross.

Keith, North Dakota

North West Birds said...

It looks like a Lincoln's sparrow.