Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a treat!

Well, on our last post, Michelle and I were treated to a rare sight for us, an Anna's and Rufous Hummingbird on the same feeder. We have seen dozens of photos of multiple Hummingbirds at a single feeder, but it just doesn't happen in our yard.

Then, just one day after the Anna's and Rufous, we were treated again, but this time, it was 2 male Rufous Hummingbirds! It was amazing to watch them. The was some aggression but not enough to make either one fly away. This encounter lasted about 2 minutes and we took about 100 photos. It was awesome!

Here are those photos and some of our other visitors. Good birding!

It was so awesome to see these 2 male Rufous at the same feeder!

They were talking turns for most of the time. One would fly up and the other then would fly down.

I'm surprised that any of the photos turned out, as I was shaking as I snapped them!

Yea! I'm singing some show tunes!

A Scrub-Jay grabbing some suet.

A very pretty Pine Siskin.

This little guy just looked picturesque.

One of our resident Song Sparrows is a little suet hog!

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madcobug said...

Bautiful photos. Helen

jan m said...

Those are great photos of the hummingbirds. I plan to hang my nectar this weekend. The ruby-throated are heading northward and should arrive in my area within the next couple of weeks.

ORSprueills said...

They are very active over the last few weeks. Our Anna is looking forward to the others leaving.