Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NePo Suet Company - Premium, Handcrafted Suet

Hello to all! Sorry that we have not posted in almost a month, but we have been really busy with our new business, NePo Suet Company! We officially started NePo Suet last month and have been going gangbusters since then.
We have been making suet for quite a while now for our own backyard birds. More recently, because it has been such a hit in our yard, we started thinking about starting a suet business.
We had quite a few people try it in their yard, all around the country, and we received a phenomenal response! Everyone has loved it and had great things to say. A few local stores have started to carry NePo Suet and we are trying to get into more soon.

We have spent the last many months perfecting the recipe and we have come up with, what we think, is the best suet on the market. Taste test after taste test has proven that birds prefer NePo Suet to any other suet on the market, even the more expensive ones.
Some quick facts about NePo Suet:
All of our suet is no melt!

Our suet cakes weigh about 25% more than other cakes on the market, but still fit in any suet feeder.

We make the suet in very small (14 cake) batches to insure quality and consistency.

We have 6 varieties right now and will have different seasonal cakes all year long.

We buy all of our ingredients for our suet from small, local vendors.
If you would like to order some NePo Suet and you live in Portland, please give us a call at
503-953-6018 to schedule a pick up. If you live outside the Portland area, we can (and do) ship all over the country. If you order a full case (12) you will receive free shipping to anywhere in the US.

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Avimor Birder said...

The birds in my backyard just finished off the 4th suet cake I bought from NePo. There was no waste and the birds really enjoyed all four varities. Keep up the good work NePo!

- Avimor Birder
Boise, Idaho

NePo Suet said...

So glad to hear that it's working for you! Thanks for the good word!

Stephanie said...

Hi Seth & Michelle, it's been awhile since I updated. I'm glad to read about the success with NePo! I actually just placed my 1st order for 2 cakes (under hubby's acct, Chris), looking forward to getting them. Hope all is well! Have a great spring! ;)