Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our yard

The yard has been a little quieter this winter than in past years. We're not sure exactly why. It has been a very mild winter here in Portland, so that may be part of the cause. Don't get me wrong, our yard is still pretty busy, just not quite as busy as the last few years.

We have been missing the Pine Siskins and White-Crowned Sparrows. We have seen a total of 4 Pine Siskins this whole season. Usually, we have 100's of them.

But, it's still been a great season and we always enjoy our backyard friends, whether it's 1 bird or a thousand. Here are a few photos from the last few days.

Here are a couple of the Red-Shafted Flickers grabbing some of their favorite suet. We have 6-8 Flickers that hang around on a regular basis.

Earlier this year, we had a Pink-Sided Junco in the yard. Now, we have a Slate-Colored Junco hanging around!

One of the beautiful Lesser Goldfinches eating some Nyjer seed. We are lucky enough to have these guys all year long.

A Robin checking one of our flower beds for some tasty worms!

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