Monday, May 17, 2010

Koll Wetlands

Yesterday, Michelle and I went to Koll Wetlands in SW Portland. It was a great day of birding with a couple of nice surprises. If you have never been to Koll, it’s definitely worth the trip. Here are some photos from our day. We hope you enjoy them!

A male Wood Duck let us get pretty close to him. Amazing looking birds!

It doesn't get much cuter than this. A female Wood Duck with her babies.

A couple of different sets of Wood Ducks with a male in the middle. He must be very busy...

Another female Wood Duck with her brood. The Wood Ducks were all over the wetland area.

A male Wood Duck with a lone duckling.

This Red-Winged Blackbird obviously had a nest close by. He told us in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome near this shrub.

Great Blue Herons atop one of the many conifers surrounding the wetlands. Koll Wetlands actually has a Heron rookery in the SE edge of the park.

Another Great Blue Heron flying back to the nest.

Herons, Herons everywhere!

This guy just looked picture perfect.

See that head and neck in the center of the photo? That would be a nestling Great Blue Heron! What a fuzz ball!

Here is another...

...and another. We think all of the nests had young ones in them. It was great fun to watch them!

This Black-Capped Chickadee landed right above us. He/She was obviously heading back to the nest with some food. We tried to follow it, but it flew away too fast.

This was a surprise for us. We found 2 Bald Eagles at Koll. One was this 2nd year and the other was a full adult.

Here are the 2 Eagles in mid air.

These Canada Goose were either fighting or trying to mate. They were really going at each other and making one heck of a ruckus. But, we did get a good look at Goose tongue.

A pair of Red-Tailed Hawks near the water's edge. We scanned for a nest but didn't see one.

A fledgling Junco below the tree the Herons are nesting in. Juncos definitely grow into their beauty.

A pair of Sharp-Shinned Hawks were circling above us for quite a while.

A lone Spotted Sandpiper finding some food.

This Common Yellowthroat was going to town with his vocalizations!

This last photo is from the yard. The Coopers Hawk is actually sitting on a Starling that it just took down.

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Idaho Birder said...

What a fun series of photos! Nice work.

jen said...

Wow, I'll have to check that place out.. Love the hawk sitting on the starling..

Beverly said...

I like that shot, too! One down, a couple of million starlings left...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's such an amusing thing to see one bird kill another. What real bird lovers these people posting are.