Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sandy River Delta

Michelle and I went out to the Sandy River Delta this morning and spent about 6 hours there. It was our first time to bird this area and what a trip it was! We saw four Life List birds and 46 species total! It was a great time and we hope you enjoy the photos.

Lewis's Woodpecker! The sky was a drab gray, so we had to lighten the photo for you to be able to see any detail. Not a good photo, but you can definitely see what it is!

Another of the Lewis's.

One more just because we were so excited to see it! A Life List bird for us!

Bullock's Oriole! They were everywhere. Every path we took we ran into more Orioles. It was great! Another Life List bird.

A Yellow-Breasted Chat! This was another wonderful Life Lister for us!

Singing away just off one of the many paths.

A Green Heron trying to hide.

Then he decided to come out for a little photo op.

A Hermit Thrush let us get pretty close.

A gorgeous Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

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