Monday, February 9, 2009

Flora and Fauna Nature Company

Let me first preface this post with this: We were not paid, nor are we getting anything from the Flora and Fauna Nature Company for writing about them. They have always been good to us and so, a few days ago when we were buying some seed, I asked the owner if I could post about his store on our blog. He said sure. I just wanted to get that out of the way! And, now more than ever, I think we need to be supporting local businesses.

For a long time, Michelle and I went to 5 or 6 different bird stores for food, feeders and supplies. Trying to find the cheapest supplies that we could. Then, last year, this little gem opened up right down the street from us and so, of course, we had to stop in. They are located at 10055 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97220. Their phone number is 503-252-BIRD (2473) and they are open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday from 11am-5pm. It's easy to find and well worth the trip!

It's called the Flora and Fauna Nature Company. Don Holman is the owner and shop keeper. He is one of the most friendly people you will ever meet and his customer service is impeccable! We is extremely knowledgeable about all things bird and his little store has quite an array of supplies and goodies.

There are 2 reasons that we go there and nowhere else now. One, because of Don. He impressed us right away and continues to do so every time we see him. Reason two is that he has got about the best seed prices in the Portland Metro area! believe me, we have been all over the place. Going to one store to buy suet and another for black-oil and yet another for nyjer. Don beats them all!

He also has a Value Seed Reward Program. Every time you purchase 10 bags of the same seed, he will give you the 11th one free. That goes for any of the seed he sells. For instance, we purchase 50# bags of nyjer seed. I think we are on our 5th one. By 5 more (which we will do by late summer) and we will get a 50# bag free. So, not only is the seed less expensive than other stores, 69.99 for a 50# bag of nyjer (as of 02/09/09) but then when you factor in the free bag, it makes it even cheaper. Like I said, that goes for any of the seed he sells. He has a large selection of your typical seeds but then he also has quite a few specialty blends. They keep track of the Seed Program in their computer so you don't have to carry a card with you.

Also, you get coupons in the mail, ranging from $5 off your purchase to 20% off any item (we have used that 20% for nyjer and a WingScapes Bird Cam). And, they've started offering free delivery for orders over $50 (for any delivery in the Portland-Metro area).

They have everything you could want, and if they don't, Don will try to order it for you. They have everything from seed to feeders and birdbaths to books. Please stop by and give a local business owner your business! Thanks to all and see you soon!

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brewer said...

how great to know of such a wonderful find! my wife and kids get our bird food there too, and we have really enjoyed the people there. We too are grateful to have them in our neighborhood.

linda said...

I think I'm on bag #6, but that's the beauty, Flora and Fauna keeps track~

I also think we should WOW the shop owner and try and figure out a way to give him a day off via We've Got Time To Help.

I was saving that idea for the meet and greet tomorrow but couldn't contain myself~

JoLee said...

just found your blog - and you answered all my questions! Wow! What a find for me.
West Linn

Carley said...

Me too! I just found your blog, and I'm glad to get news about birding in Portland.

Since we live in the Parkrose neighborhood, we'll be checking out this store. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I recently visited this store and was very impressed. Don is very friendly and knowledgeable. The store has a large variety of items and the seed program is awesome. I'm so excited to have such an great store in my neighborhood. I plan on being a regular customer for a long time!

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Caroline said...

You are missed. Devon and I were so sad to see the store close but wish you the best in your new adventures. Thank you for everything you do and did for us and many others. You and your shop are irreplaceable. Good wishes and prayers.