Friday, February 13, 2009

KATU and the Great Backyard Bird Count 2009

KATU came back this year and is doing another story on the Great Backyard Bird Count. Carlos Faura was the reporter and, like last year, Karen Munday from Portland Audubon Society was here to make sure we didn't say anything stupid (just kidding, Karen).

The report runs tonight during the 6pm newscast. They were here for 2 hours but the segment is only 1 minute 20 seconds.

Hopefully, this will garner a few new participants in the GBBC and maybe even hook a new birder or two! We will post a link to the story after it airs tonight.

Karen Munday being interviewed in our backyard. The camerawoman Patricia was a Godsend! She was like a director on a movie set. She knew exactly what and how to do it.

Patricia putting the mic on me. Not that anything that comes out of my mouth is usually worth hearing!

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North West Birds said...

Cool! You are lucky to be on the news ;-) This is my first time counting for the GBBC!

brewer said...

my wife and i saw you on the news last night, i missed the lead, but we both said, i bet thats the backyard bird people! have a good weekend!

karen said...

Yeah.... Good thing I was there keeping an eye on you!! :)