Monday, May 25, 2009

Evening Grosbeaks!

Our yard has been inundated by Evening Grosbeaks the last 10 days or so. At first, we saw 2, then 4 and now we are seeing them by the dozens! 40, 50, 60+ all day long. They are on the feeders and in the trees and on the ground and still we can hear others calling from a block or two away. Tons of Evening Grosbeaks. This is the most we have ever hosted by far. Last year, we had a whopping total of 2 stop by the yard for a day. Very fun stuff!

A male Evening Grosbeak getting a drink.

A portion of the Grosbeaks that hang out here all day long.

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North West Birds said...

Wow what a population! We just started seeing Black-headed grosbeaks at my place!

Cathy said...

Whoa! You mean inundated! We've had a few of these show up lately, but nothing like you have.


Smalltown RN said...

Wow that is just crazy! Awesome photos....I have a favour to ask...I posted a picture of a bird that has been frequenting my feeder I thought it might have been a sparrow of some sort and yet it has charateristics of a finch....someone just suggested to me it might be a warbler...any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

What gorgeous birds! You guys are lucky!