Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lazuli Bunting!

We just had a new yard bird/Life List bird come into the yard a few minutes ago...a Lazuli Bunting!!

I have to scramble out of here to get to an appointment but we will post more photos tonight. This was so exciting!!

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Heather said...

Wow, how cool is THAT?! What a beautiful bird. We sometimes get Indigo Buntings at our feeders just as they are starting to migrate in, but doesn't look we'll be getting any this year (although I have seem them around in one of their favorite spots down the road). Congrats on your life bird!

dAwN said...

congrats..that is soo cool to have that beautiful bird at your home feeder!

Ruth Armitage said...

I've had one of these this year for the first time too :) So cool. We are out near Oregon City.

Anne said...

They are visiting our feeder in Port Orchard, Washington. First seen last evening-3 at once. They like to eat from the feeder and on the ground.