Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is this a Hammond's Flycatcher

This was flitting around a pear tree in our yard last night. We are having trouble identifying it. We believe that it is a Hammond's Flycatcher. Any thoughts?

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Greg Gillson said...


It could be Hammond's.

I'm looking at the primary extension--how far the primaries stick out past the tertials. The primary extension is quite long, the tertials are barely visible as a thickening of the wing right near the branch.

I think the bird appears too small for Western Wood-Pewee. Pewees have very long primary extension and long tails. Thus, I do think it is an Empidonax Flycatcher.

It could also be a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, which also has long primary extension. In fact, I may lean toward that species because of the oblong eyering (especially wide behind the eye). Other details are hard to tell in this distant view. If the throat is yellow, and not white, then Pacific-slope is more likely. If the eyering is yellow, and not white, then Pacific-slope is also more likely.

dAwN said...

Good luck with the ID..I have no clue.