Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to the birds...

Since it is so dark by the time we get home during the week and we don't own a WingScapes Bird Camera (hint, hint Santa), we took a few extra photos this weekend so that we still have photos to post during the week. We hope you enjoy them and we wish everyone a great week!

These first 2 photos of the Song Sparrow look very similar, but when you look a little closer you will notice that it is, in fact, 2 different Song Sparrows. The second Song took the first Song's place right after the first photo was taken. Funny little guys.

This first little Junco just seemed to be posing for this photo. The Juncos have increased in number substantially over the last week or so. We had around 50 in the yard at once this weekend.

Michelle snapped this photo Saturday morning. I just thought that it was so picturesque!

We have been getting more Golden- and White-Crowned Sparrow in the yard lately, too.


We have been getting a couple of the Yellow-Rumped (Audubon's) Warblers in the yard pretty frequently. This is the more colorful one.

more pics to come soon!

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NW Nature Nut said...

I haven't seen any Yellow-rumps yet, but I'm hoping this cold weather they are predicting will bring them in (as well as Varied Thrush). I counted more Golden-crowned Sparrows this week than the last few. No White-crowns, but the 2 White-throated Sparrows make up for it. :) Do you have a new camera? Your photos lately have been really great! Of course, it could just be the photographer. Thanks for all the bird updates!

dAwN said...

It was fun looking out at your feeders with you..thanks..I will be posting a few more birdies that we are getting here in North Carolina.

Sherrie said...

please don't deter the birds from bathing. they know what they need to do; the bathing is necessary for the grooming of their feathers, which in turn keeps them warm.

Love your blog and photos.