Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow...

Here are just a few of the 413 (slight exaggeration) photos that we took today. Our thermometer right now reads 23 degrees and the temperature is supposed to drop down into the low-to-mid teens tonight. After that, it isn't supposed to get above 32 degrees until next weekend (and maybe longer). This is extremely cold for the Portland, OR area. We have about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and it's still lightly coming down. Possibly another inch or 2 tonight. That would be so cool! We love this wintery mix!

Our yard was (is) absolutely alive today. Over 100 Juncos throughout the yard at any given time. Lots of Lesser and American Goldfinches. A few Chickadees, Jays (both Scrub and Steller's), House Finches and Pine Siskins, as well. We also had a First of Season Spotted Towhee today!! We wondered if the cold might bring them in but we didn't think that it would be the first day. Oh, and about 1 billion Starlings. They are EVERYWHERE. usually the only eat suet. Today, they have been in and on every single feeder in the yard. And the funny thing is they are eating the seed. We haven't ever seen them eat seed before. I guess when you need food, you take what you can get. Anyway, we'll post lost more photos over the next couple of days. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos and good birding to everyone!

The backyard a few hours ago. We now have another inch or so.

White-Crowned and a Golden-Crowned Sparrow sharing a lunch.

The Spotted Towhee!

Such neat looking birds.

A Song Sparrow in the front yard.

A Pine Siskin trying to stay warm.

A rare (for this winter) visit from a Robin!

Not only were the Lesser Goldfinches coming in in droves, but they looked like they were in breeding plumage.

Juncos on our front path. Michelle put some seed out there for them, too.

They seem to like to eat on the fence rather than the snow-covered ground. Can't say that I blame them.

A Junco posing for us.

Hopping around the back patio.

A House Finch and a Golden-Crowed Sparrow digging for seed.

American and Lesser Goldfinches abound!

Waiting in line for a thistle sack.

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jan m said...

We had a heavy snowfall a couple of days ago, and I noticed that it really brought in an abundance of birds. We even had a crow sitting on a willow branch, pecking at our homemade suet! Enjoy your wintery weather!

NW Nature Nut said...

I definitely had more juncos today, but I felt bad that the snow blowing around kept covering the seed I scattered. Poor guys. The big challenge was keeping the hummer feeders thawed. We rigged up a couple of things that I'll blog about soon. Thanks for sharing your snowstorm experience!

Heather said...

In my experience, snow makes the birds go a little crazy, and I suppose they might go a little more so if they really aren't used to the snow being around. Over 100 juncos at a time? Wow! I can't imagine it. I think the most birds I've ever seen at my feeders at one time (a combination of species) is 50, and that's only in the worst weather.