Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steller's Jay

I had the rare opportunity to get pretty close to a Steller's Jay. Normally, these guys will shoot out of the yard the second we step in it. But this brave little guy decided to hang around for a few photos. Steller's are a daily occurrence in the yard, but since I have never taken any decent photos of them, I was just excited to post them. They are such gorgeous birds.

He is in a Pear tree, with a Quince growing in between.

He gave me all sorts of good looks at him (or her)

It's funny, years ago, before I was a birder I actually thought these were the males and that the Scrub-Jays were the females. Looking back, I can't believe that I ever thought that, but it seemed normal to me then.

Gotta love the eyebrows.

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jan m said...

Those are good shots. What a regal-looking bird!

dAwN said...

What a great looking bird! Nice photos.

Beverly said...

I can see how a person might think that about jays! The males are usually the ones with all the finery, huh? Lovely shots there!


Heather said...

Oh - My - Gosh!!!! Those pictures are incredible! What a beautiful bird. You know I always drool over your Jays. The last 2 pictures are the best - showing the "eyebrows" and that white "chin". Fabulous. I knew blue wasn't my favorite color for nothing!

brewer said...

what terrific pictures you have! can you tell me how you compose your pictures? info like your type of camera and editing software would be valuable information for me. i'd love to take pictures of my favorite subject that look this nice.