Friday, December 26, 2008

More snow pics... they are and we hope you all enjoy them!

A Pine Siskin through out dining room window, right on the ledge.

A Scrub-Jay on a shepherd's hook in the back yard.

A Red-Breasted Nuthatch hiding seed in the window frame above our bathroom. We have watched them hide seeds in the bark of trees, but we have never seen this before and we assume it's because of the storm.

The Lincoln's Sparrow is still hanging around. And this time, he brought a friend. There are at least 2 Lincoln's in the yard right now.

Another of the Lincoln's Sparrow.

Lesser Goldfinches waiting for a spot on a thistle sock to open up.

Taken through our office window, more Finches waiting for a turn at one of the socks. They line up on the grapevine and find the open spots.

Such beautiful little guys.

A House Finch through our front window looking onto our walkway.

Again, through our front window. They loved to eat at the little brick flower beds as the snow got heavier.

A female House Finch with a little snow on her bill.

A Golden-Crowned Sparrow on the same flower bed.

This is for you Laura! If you would like to visit Laura's birding site, just go here:

Finches in the front yard waiting to go into the back.

A Downy Woodpecker in our Mountain Ash tree.

A female Brewer's Blackbird in the local Fred Meyer parking lot. There was a flock of about 50 of them. We have never seen them in snow.

The male Brewer's Blackbird. Such striking eyes he has!

A Pine Siskin, Lesser Goldfinch (left), American Goldfinch (right) and a Dark-Eyed Junco on the brick flowerbeds. How fun!

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Heather said...

Holy moly! That's a whole lotta birds you got goin' on in that yard of yours! That photo of the Scrub Jay is breathtaking - I love how he stands out against all that snow!

Birdnerd said...

Well, hey! A free feeder does work wonders doesn't it?! Thanks for the plug :)....guess I have to update my blog. I'll try to get back to you with BirdCam tips, too. Nudge me if need be.