Monday, February 25, 2008

Backyard happenings

Hello all! We hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Here are some photos and descriptions of the goings on in our backyard. Hope you enjoy!

The female Anna's is starting to get very chunky! We are sure that she has a couple of eggs in that tiny belly of hers. Very exciting!

The male Anna's continues to tell anyone who will listen, that this is HIS yard!

Starlings are telling anyone who will listen that THEY own every nest box in the yard. Here is one of them on the Flicker box. We have since filled it with wood shavings and the Starlings don't seem to care for it anymore.

The squirrels continue to eat everything in sight. We are done with trying to keep these little buggers out of the feeders.

We are starting to get more Jays in the yard and I am using them to desperately try to work on my birds in flight shots.
The Scrub Jays continue to take as much as possible (usually 3 peanuts).

The Ruby-Crowned Kinglet continues to make us laugh with his "googley eyes"!
The House Sparrows are checking out all of the nest boxes in the yard (we have 8). We were hoping for a Chickadee or Red-Breasted Nuthatch family but, we'll see.

This was the House Sparrows' nest last year. The house produced 5 broods! We know a lot of people don't care for the House Sparrows but they really are pretty and fun birds to watch.

The Northern Flicker is checking out the House Sparrows home, even though we put up a flicker house. That would be so cool to have a Flicker family in the yard!
The Cooper's (and Sharp-Shinned) continue to stop by the yard multiple times a day.

Yet another attempt to get one of these guys in flight. They move SO fast!

The Bushtits are still eating with their hands! What uncooth little guys they are (but, oh so cute)!

All as she would have to do is ask and we would give her a fork! Sheesh!

And the Townsend's Warbler continues to be one of the most beautiful and striking birds in the yard!
Good birding to all!

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Angel... said...

Hi See I am back...coz, I like your blog alott...I like to see cool pictures of bird..I like the house sparrow and I like the last one Yellow bird..Amazing..

How did you do that.. to took a pictures like that.. I love it

See you,

Sheela said...

hello michelle and seth,

i am new to birding - got into it as my grandma-in-law has been a bird enthusiast for as long as my husband can remember and she let me borrow one of her books just for fun...

now, thanks to her, i am happy to watch the yellow goldfinch, black-capped chickadees, dark-eyed juncos, among others, who seem very busy in our backyard...

and am glad that a google search for "portland oregon backyard birds" led me to your lovely blog.

i didn't want to surf away without leaving you a note. your photos are lovely - i have never been able to shoot them as clearly so far...