Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gotta love the birds!

Well, here it is, the latter part of February at the yard seems to be in another one of it's transitions. The Pine Siskins have mostly gone. We are down to 10-15 a day now. The Juncos aren't nearly as thick as they once were. We're still getting them but not in the incredible numbers we were just a month ago. The American Robins are outnumbering everything else. We have seen, over the last few days, flocks of hundreds of Robins. It's really neat to see them back in such force.

Flowers and trees are starting to bud and bloom. A lot of birds are flying through the yard with nesting material in their bills. New calls and behavior from the Juncos and Chickadees let us know that mating season must be getting close. The Northern Flickers aren't in the yard nearly as much, either. They must be building nests. There is one Flicker who is in the yard all the time and seems to be searching for a home, but as of yet, he hasn't gone to the nest box we put up for him. The Song Sparrows seem to have their spots all picked out!
There are a few new sounds in the yard that we haven't identified, as well. Hopefully some new visitors! Here are some pics from this week and we wish you all good birding!

You can't see me!

Do I have something on my lip?

Look ma, I'm a Cedar Waxwing!!

Lots and lots of Lesser Goldfinches

the Crocus are blooming all over the yard!

This one is still waking up

Robins o' plenty!

Always on the lookout for a better home. And in this market...sheesh!

Song Sparrow doing his "thing"

We've been seeing a lot more House Finches lately.

Always the acrobat!

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Angel... said...

What a lovely pictures... I really enjoy it reading your blog.. very nice

keep up the good work

Sandy said...

You've got some great photos on here since I've visited. Enjoyed them all.