Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Well, the GBBC has completely drawn to a close. The deadline for turning in checklists was March 1st. It was a banner year for Portland and the whole of Oregon!! Here are the stats from last year and then this year. The first number is from 2007 and the second (after the slash) is from 2008.

Checklists in Portland- 123/227
Checklists in Oregon- 1,135/1,466
Number of birds reported in Oregon- 149,055/167,239
Number of species reported in Oregon- 203/211
Number of species reported in Portland- 88/114

So it was an awesome year for Oregon! They are still tallying all of the checklists, so these numbers might change a little. You can check out your state's numbers and all of the detailed results here http://gbbc.birdsource.org/gbbcApps/results Thanks again to all who counted and submitted checklists! Remember, this is an annual event. So even if you couldn't participate this year, maybe next year you'll be able to.

Good birding to all!

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What a lovely bird... I like your blog alott...its vry cool