Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hike down Marine Drive

Hi all. We need your birding expertise again. I took a hike down Marine Drive this morning, from NE 122nd to NE 33rd, and took a ton of photos and saw a lot of birds. However, I found 3 birds today (photos below) that we can't identify. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Tomorrow, I will post more photos from today's trip and talk a little about the hike.

There were three of these blackbirds with white under their wings. They were about the size of a crow but didn't make the typical crow calls. Any ideas?

When I took these photos, I thought that this was a Red-Tailed hawk. After getting home and reviewing them, we realized that it didn't have the coloring of any other Red-Tails we have encountered. After reading multiple books we seem to be more confused than ever. Is this some kind of morph?

Here he is again. After I took this photo I thought that identifying it would be a snap. Obviously I was wrong.

This little guy was right above the water line. He was approx. 6 inches and had a lot of yellow on him. He acted sparrow-like. He didn't make any noise or calls so the photos are all I really have.

After I took this photo, he hopped down to a big rock and went under it. I waited for it to come back out again but it didn't. Or, if it did, it snuck past me.

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Birdnerd said...

Hi Seth,
The first bird is an American Crow showing piebald patterns. I Googled Piebald Crow and found several images of similar birds. They were perhaps a family group and shared the white trait.
The second bird is definitely an adult Red tailed Hawk. Red tail and light "backpack straps" nail it.
The third bird is a mighty cool one - it's an American Pipit (formerly Water Pipit). Nice find!