Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip to Oaks Bottom and the Backyard

Here are some photos of the last week. I'm sorry that we haven't posted more but it has been such a hectic week. We are remodeling the living room, we went to Cirque De Soleil and went birding. Whew! So here are some photos and I'm sorry for so many. We hope you enjoy and good birding!

2 Am. Robins bathing in the backyard

Another Robin found something tasty after the rain!

American Wigeon at Oaks Bottom

Eurasian Wigeon at Oaks Bottom

American Coot at Oaks Bottom
Finally got a decent photo of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet!

Green-Winged Teal. Such beautiful birds!!

First year Bald Eagle at Oaks Bottom!!

Here's another shot of the Bald Eagle

I truly believe that this snake was going to bite me if I came any closer.
Spotted Towhees were all over Oaks Bottom. We probably saw at least 20 of them
A beehive just off the pedestrian only path at Oaks Bottom. They weren't very happy with having their picture taken.
Red-Winged Blackbird at Oaks Bottom.

Male Anna's Hummingbird

Turkey Vulture!! It was just off the bike path at about Mile Post 3 on the Springwater Corridor. Life List Bird!!! WooHooooo!

Here's another shot of the Turkey Vulture!

A Lesser Goldfinch at his regular feeder. He loves that pink feeder!

The American Goldfinches are getting their breeding colors!!
Do Canada Geese nest in trees?

A Male Northern Flicker is excavating a nest box we put up for him filled with wood shavings. It took a month or so before he found it. We are really hoping for some flicker broods!

This American Robin made the mistake of landing on top of the nest box as the Flicker was excavating. The Flicker put his head back, spread his wings and made an extremely high-pitched sound that scared the Robing into another time zone!

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Sandy said...

I'm so behind in blog sphere...

enjoyed your new bird pics and especially that snake!!!

That happened to me too, out hiking shooting photos and a snake right near me.


Max said...

Great photos! Canada geese regularly nest old osprey nests in Montana before the osprey return. I'd love to see the little goslings make the big leap to the ground.