Friday, March 21, 2008

Yard photos

Here's a few birds from around the yard over the last couple of days. This week we had not only the first Rufous Hummingbird so far this year (camera no where near, of course), but we also had a Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker in the yard this morning! We haven't seen either of these guys in quite some time. We definitely got some Flicker Hybrids last year but this one seemed different. I saw definite yellow feathers when it spread it's wings and tail. Exciting stuff! Hope every one's week has gone well and good birding!

A female Yellow-Shafted Flicker

Another shot of her.

About 2 weeks ago, a friends of ours alerted us to the fact that he had a hummingbird nest in a tree in his backyard. When went over a few days ago to climb up on the roof and get some photos, the nest was gone. After a short look around we found it laying on the deck. No evidence of eggs that we could find. Very sad.

Their nests are so tiny and so much softer than you would imagine. They make them out of spiderwebs, lichen etc. so that the nest will grow with the babies after they hatch. How awesome are those little birds.

Americans, Lessers and Pine Siskins all hanging out.

White-Crowned Sparrow and a Junco catching some lunch.

I just like taking pics of Juncos.

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