Thursday, March 27, 2008

The week in photos

Hello to all. We have been very bad bloggers as of late. We haven't been posting nearly as much as we should. We have both been working quite a bit lately so we haven't posted much. Hopefully, we will start posting more often now. Anyway, here are some photos of birdies over the last week. Hope you enjoy.

The Yellow-Shafted Flicker came back today. She was going to quite a few of the suet feeders but I couldn't catch her in flight. Her yellow feathers are beautiful!

Here's another photo of her. The red on her neck is really bright.

Here's a photo of one of our hybrids. Notice the red on the neck but also the red mustache.

And here's one of just a plain, old Red-Shafted Flicker. Still gorgeous!

Robins, Robins everywhere!

The Pine Siskins are still coming in droves.

A male House Finch. So beautiful.

Another male house finch. We typically have 15-20 in the yard at any given time. They really brighten up the yard.

One of a male Orange Variant House Finch.

Squirrels doing what squirrels do best.

A Slate-Colored Junco. We usually have one or two in the yard along with the 40 or 50 Oregon Juncos.

Finches, Finches and more Finches.

Almost all of the American Goldfinches have their summer colors back now. A few are still a little drab, but they will be bright yellow soon!

We can't get very close to them yet. They are still pretty skittish. They'll learn.

There was probably 50 Americans in the yard this morning with around 30 Lessers.

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