Friday, March 7, 2008

The rest of the hike

We just bought a new camera!! No more borrowing cameras or taking photos with our little 3x zoom guy. This one is a Lumix DMC-FZ8. It's such a great camera! Thanks to Michelle, we will now be able to take great photos anytime we want (as long as the birds agree to sit still for a minute or two).
Here are some more photos from my hike down Marine Drive. Thanks again for everyone who answered our call for help in identifing some birds (the post below this one) we didn't know what were. We hope you enjoy these.

What we now know to be an American Pipit. It was being chased around by a Song Sparrow that didn't seem to be too happy with it being there.

Pied-billed Grebe

A Mew Gull - we are just learning about identifing gulls

Another Mew Gull. We juts liked the photo.

Male American Kestrel - They were all over the place. I saw at least 8 Kestrels.

A Horned Grebe

A little closer photo of the Horned Grebe

A decent size flock of Greater Scaups but there is a couple of Lesser Scaup thrown in for your viewing pleasure. In total the flock was about 50-60 birds. Seemed to be about 10:1.

Double-Creasted Cormorant. Again, just liked the photo.

This Cormorant was trying very hard to get noticed.

A Great Blue Heron along side the runway at PDX.

Another Heron in the same field. In total, there was approx. 12 Great Blue Herons out there.
I saw quite a few birds that day. Overall, about 35 species and a few new Life List birds. It was a great day!

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