Monday, February 11, 2008

KATU Interview

This morning, KATU's outdoor reporter Grant McOmie and his wonderful cameraman Tom, came over to do a piece on the Great Backyard Bird Count coming up this weekend. Karen Munday, from the Portland Audubon Society, also came over to be a part of the interview. It was a wonderful experience and Grant put us at ease right away. He and his cameraman were very down-to-Earth and pleasing to speak with. They stayed for about an hour and we talked about all sorts of birding programs, but of course, the focus was on the GBBC. Karen was a wealth of knowledge, and we were very glad she was able to fit us into her busy schedule.

Here are some photos my sister took of the whole event. We are very thankful that she came over. Without my sis, we wouldn't have had any photos as we were too busy talking. Thanks Tess!

The segment will air on Friday, Feb. 15th during the 4:30-5:00 news and again on Sunday.

This is us right before they got here. She is so gorgeous and I
am such a lucky man!!

Tom trying to get some bird video.
Of course, as soon as he set up his camera, all of the birds
took off, and the apartment next door started with the
leaf blower and the lawn mower. Arg!
Getting the microphone in place.
Showing Grant the GBBC website.
Filming the filling of the feeders. Hot stuff!

More feeder filling.
In front of the "Otis House". Built from plywood, 2x4s and roofing
left over from when the new roof was put on this winter and named for a
character from a scary B-movie.
Interview with Karen Munday. She was wonderful.
Thanks Karen!!
Filming Michelle looking through the binos.
She really didn't want to be on camera but she
succumbed to the pressure!!
Now, filming from Michelle's view. As I said earlier,
there weren't many birds to see or film. Figures!
Tom attempting to get more birds on film. There were a
few Lesser Goldfinches so we hope he got them.

Grant doing his wrap-up shots. Thanks again Grant, Tom and Karen!
It was a blast and hopefully we will reach a lot of potential GBBC counters!
As always, Good Birding!

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Birdnerd said...

How exciting for you! I wish I could watch but I'll be working...:( Of course, you'll upload the segment won't you?
Fun to see photos of you two, too!


Sandy said...

I LOVED this post and all the pics. So nice to "see" you....and all the activity going on. We have had high winds today but still had tons of juncos and sparrows and doves, finches around.