Sunday, February 10, 2008

Injured Steller's Jay

I wish I were making this up. Today, while at work, Michelle called me to say that we needed to make another trip to the Audubon Society. I sighed and asked apprehensively, why? She said that she had seen a Steller's Jay hop along the entire length of the yard, not flying anywhere. He seemed to be having trouble with one of his wings. She said that as soon as I got home, we could catch the poor little birdie (catching a Jay seemed to be a 2 person job) and rush him to the Audubon Society. I said okay, and I thought that was that. At 2pm, when I got off work, Michelle was waiting for me with the aforementioned Jay in a box with a towel over the top. I asked her how in the world she caught him by herself. I was amazed. She said it flew up into the top of one of the bushes alongside the house. She went out with a box in one hand and a plastic container in the other, she then put each box on either side of the Jay and hoped it would hop into one container or the other. She slowly walked towards him (or her) and backed it up against our fence. She said that the Jay was so scared it was trying to squeeze its head through the little slats in the fence. I felt so sorry for it.

So, the Jay (#118) is now safely at the Audubon, getting the best care available. All his signs look good and the Dr. thought he probably fractured a wing, but no break. Good for him! Now, he can keep the first Pine Siskin (#92) we brought in, only 8 days ago, company. Maybe they can come back to their yard together! Either way, we are going to release them ourselves.

On a sad note, the Pine Siskin Michelle rushed in last night (Pine Siskin #115) passed away. We take it very hard when we lose a bird, no matter what the cause. They are so very precious and fragile. Thanks for stopping by and good birding!!!

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1 comment:

Sandy said...

oh dear, poor little jay.

Hope this one heals good.

I enjoy reading about your rescues.